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Welcome to Elemental Canine

At Elemental Canine Inc. we believe in carrying the best and most natural products for your pets. We believe education is the key to healthy and happy pets and pride ourselves in helping you make the best nutritional choices for your doge and cats.

We are raw food specialists. We have experienced groomers, a training studio and K9 Wags non-anesthetic teeth cleaning.

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24 hours ago

Elemental Canine

🐟❤️️🐶 Sardines are little nutrition bombs for dogs! Wild-caught sardines packed in water are the best choice, to avoid harmful additives and oils.
Dogs can enjoy sardines:
🐟 As an ingredient in food
🐟 Top a meal 1/ week with 1-3 sardines
🐟 Give as a special treat
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1 day ago

Elemental Canine

Awesome facility and wonderful food for our pets.We're committed to producing the safest raw pet food possible (some may even say we're obsessed)! Our strict sanitation process keeps the Iron Will Raw facility sparkling clean and requires:

✨ The complete dismantling of all equipment.
✨ Full sanitation of all parts.
✨ Cleaning of all areas of the facility including drains, walls and ceilings.

To ensure the effectiveness of our sanitation program, we also complete a full “start of day” checklist and ATP swabbing.

Learn more about what goes into producing Iron Will Raw:
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2 days ago

Elemental Canine

Some good information on switching your pets to a raw diet.Switching to raw is easy but to have a successful transition, it's important to keep some simple tips in mind. Read about it in our blog: #healthypetfood #wholepetfood #rawpetfood #petnutrition #dognutrition #catnutrition #animalhealth #rawfood #petfood #3pnaturals ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Elemental Canine

Come by and treat your kitty to some 3P Elk.Our Basic Instinct Elk cat food packs a great protein punch! It's low in saturated fat but grass fed so has a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. It's also high in vitamin B12 which is a must for cats! #healthypetfood #wholepetfood #rawpetfood #petnutrition #dognutrition #catnutrition #animalhealth #rawfood #petfood #3pnaturals ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

Elemental Canine

This pup has been reunited with it's owner. Yay! This little pup was found wet and cold in Cloverdale. Safe and warm now and looking for it's people. ... See MoreSee Less

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