Elemental Canine

Providing Your Pets with Natural, Healthy Food and HonestNutritional Advice, In Cloverdale, BC

Elemental Canine was started to provide all our companion animals with access to the most natural, healthiest food and honest nutritional advice. Coming from a background of both the world of Veterinary medicine and the one of alternative health options, we are able to combine the best of both worlds.

The best of nature and science combined. To this end we have expanded and brought aboard like minded individuals to offer our clients a complete way to treat their pets naturally.

We all believe real food far exceeds any commercially prepared food in digestibility, palatability and offers the owner the control over what their beloved pet eats. We believe raw can be the best diet for most dogs and many cats.

We carry locally made Club Canine, North Woods raw, Red Dog Deli and 3P as well as Spring Meadows, Urban Carnivore, Rad Cat, IrRAWsistibles, Primal and Northwest Naturals, ensuring we have something for all your raw feeding needs. A total of 12 dog specific diets and 9 cat specific diets in stock..

Our speciality is creating a meal plan for you and your pet and walking you through the steps of starting raw food or implementing a diet trial. We can happily put together a meal plan based on your specific requirements, whether it’s attention to cost or allergies or something else. We will ensure we meet all your pets nutritional needs, creating an individual meal plan just for your best friend.

We have also searched high and low to carry only the best accessories. We wanted to ensure we have things no else in our area does. We are not like every other pet boutique. Our focus is Canadian made, local and like to support local artists.

We want to make your pet healthy and you happy.

Sharon Parker

Store Manager

Sharon has over 14 years of experience in the retail pet industry and has an expansive knowledge of dogs and cats.  She is passionate about the health and welfare of animals and is an experienced raw feeder of many years. She shares her life with her German Shepherd Maggie.

All of the Staff at Elemental Canine are more than happy to help you find what you need. We have a savvy team of staff with over 25 years raw feeding and retail experience. If you are just starting out with raw or need a new kibble or dehydrated food, just ask as we are happy to help!

If your pet has serious allergies, an illness or its not just “a simple question”, please make sure you mention that specifically to our staff so that we can adjust your pets nutritional needs and recommend the best option.

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