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Jess creates a low stress, individualized experience with one dog at a time, or two from the same family. There are no cages and your dog is dropped off for their appointment and picked up when they are done! We can also happily accommodate very large dogs (up to 210lbs) with our small ramp and removable door to our tub!!

Scissor work and customized bathing treatments can ensure your dog has a spa day that results in a relaxing and soothing experience for all, while making them look fabulous too!

Call today to Book an Appointment with Jess. Jessica is available for grooming 5 days a week.

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Spa Services

Full Grooming

Includes Bath, Blow dry, Hair Clip and style, Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning



Full Grooming

Includes Bath, Blow dry, Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning

(Short haired or dogs only needing face and feet tidied)



Additional Services

Teeth Brushing


Prices are based on coats in fair condition without excessive matting. Dematting $10 per 15 minutes.

Oregapet Shampoo Therapy

$5 – $10

Containing oregano and lemongrass oil this treatment helps kill and repel bugs, fungus and bacteria naturally without toxic chemicals or pesticides. This natural skin and coat protection provides additional relief from dry skin, itching, inflammation and dandruff. Cleans deodorizes, disinfects and restores luster to skin and coat.

Does not contain: SLS, SLES, Chlorhexidine, triclosan, propylene glycol, parabens, polyquaterniums, artificial fragrance or colours.

Coconut Oil Therapy Treatment


An all natural deep conditioning, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti microbial treatment for the skin of your best friend. Takes approximately an additional 15-20 minutes to the groom. Especially good for those who have dry skin due to age or thyroid disease, Yeasty skin or general skin issues. As recommended by Dr. Karen Becker.

Our Spa Details


Jessica has been grooming dogs professionally for over 14 years although her first experience was at 7 years old with the family dog and a pair of scissors.  She is passionate about grooming and helping owners keep their dogs healthy as well as beautiful. She owns 3 dogs, Riddick, a Shiba Inu, Jack, a heeler and Pixel, a pomeranian cross.

Dog Spa Tub With Door

Our unique poly carb tub provides a warmer and quieter experience than a steel tub, with the added convenience of a removable door and low ramp for very large dogs. A special small dog shelf keeps the little ones at just the right height, while our gentle giant clients stand in a deep tub only 15″ off the floor.

Individualized Care

Originally from Ontario, Jessica has over 12 years experience grooming dogs. She has a calm demeanor and manages some of the most unruly clients with ease. She is excellent with dematting and will work with clients to ensure thier pets coats stay matt free.

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