Kibble and Canned Foods In Store

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The right daily nutrition can enrich and lengthen the special relationship you have with your pet. We want to help educate you to find the food that is right for your furry friend.

We carry carefully selected kibble and canned foods, made with the best ingredients. We carry diets for athletes, for those suffering with allergies and those looking for a great holistic kibble.


Canadian made using fresh regional ingredients fit for human consumption and grain-free.  High meat content, some hypo allergenic diets Made by Champion Pet Foods NEVER HAD A RECALL


ORIJEN WHOLE PREY™ is the evolution of our BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE™ FOODS, incorporating richly nourishing meats, organs and cartiledge in ratios that bring Orijen ever closer to Mother Nature. Fresh regional ingredients, made in their own facilty by Champion Pet Foods. NEVER HAD A RECALL


Enlightened by the belief that pet food should be natural and free from harmful additives, the Addiction range uses only natural, wholesome, highest-quality ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, fillers or by-products. Specializes in exotic proteins like Brushtail ( highest omega 3’s in any protein, higher than salmon!) Kibble and cans NEVER HAD A RECALL.

Nutreco Wholesome Blend

For over 30 years, making their own food in their own facility here in Canada. Unique formulas that are completely balanced using Low Glycemic Index Peas, Moderate Protein & Fat, suitable for ALL LIFE STAGES to provide holistic nutrition for pets.Natural Digestive enzymes are applied after cooking to ensure healthy digestion, assists in breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. NEVER HAD A RECALL.


Fromm Family Foods is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated artisan pet food company based in Wisconsin. Since 1904, our family has maintained a tradition of quiet innovation dedicated to the health and nutrition of animals.Interchangeable grain free recipes prepared with fresh ingredients delivered daily to our family facility, our Four-Star dry recipes for dogs and cats offer the highest inclusion levels of meat, fish, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables. NEVER HAD A RECALL.

Nature's Variety Lid

Optimal nutrition through the fewest, most essential ingredients. Each formula is made with pure, simple ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their nutritional value and high digestibility. One single protein with one simple starch. No gluten, grains, chicken, beef, dairy or soy..low residue and great for dogs with allergies…formulas like Rabbit and Tapicoa!

Tripette and PetKind

PetKind dry is Canadian sourced and produced with organic ingredients and the green tripe they are famous for. Tripette cans are made from pure green tripe taken from the highest quality human grade sources. Its rich in digestive enzymes, gastric juices, taurine, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Use no filler, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. NEVER HAD A RECALL

Open Farm

Open Farm is a family-run business focused on doing some good for pets, farm animals and the environment.