Raw Food Diets

Hand Picked Raw Products to Keep your Dog or Cat Their Healthiest

We believe raw can be the best diet for most dogs and cats. We carry locally made as well hand picked Canadian and even a few American products, ensuring we have something for all your raw feeding needs.

We carry 12 dog diets and 9 cat diets. See the notes to the left for frequent buyer program participants and earn free food with every purchase!

Many also do complimentary freeze dried formulas making travelling a breeze!

3P Naturals

Local manufacturer carrying a wide variety of proteins as well as bones and veggie mixes. Both grade A and “Natural” available.
Cat:3P Naturals Basic Instincts Formula is made up of dried egg yolk, steamed lamb bone meal, gelatine, psyllium husk, vitamin E, vitamin B complex and wild salmon oil.
Dog: 3P Ultimate Blends Dog Foods are made up of 70% muscle Meat, 20% Heart, 10% Liver. All meat & veggie combos are in a 75/25 ratio

NOTE: most red meat formulas contain NO BONE and must be supplemented or used in rotation


Rad Cats

Rad Cat Raw Diet is a premium, all-natural, complete, and balanced raw diet formulated exclusively for the domestic feline carnivore. They produce the original grain and vegetable-free, whole food diets for cats. All of our complete and balanced raw diets meet and exceed AAFCO guidelines for all life stages of a cats life and are certified organic.


Northwest Naturals

Frequent Buyer Program

All Northwest Naturals Diets are complete, balanced and formulated to meet the nutritional levels established and recommended by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles For All Life Stages. Northwest Naturals is manufactured in a quality controlled USDA human food inspected facility. Northwest Naturals is a food that is developed and manufactured by a team that has a 15 years of experience in raw natural pet-food manufacturing, and backed by a 53 year old meat processing company. They use fresh ground bone for calcium source and use a unique flash freezing to preserve the integrity of the nutrients.


Quality Meats

Specializes in providing quality meats at affordable prices. Includes Dinners and single proteins like Moose, Emu and other exotics. Our packaging comes in convenient single servings up to bulk 4.5 kg packages. Meat and organ or dinners available.


Pets Go Raw

Provides human grade meat, bone and organ only as well as meat, bone organ, eggs supplements and veg combinations for both dogs and cats. Wild caught salmon, hormone free meats. Bulk turkey necks and bones as well. Bulk boxes available and larger format food for the budget minded.


Urban Carnivore

The original whole prey patty company. Provides MBO (meat/bone/organ) food in convenient 1/2 lb and 2lb patties. Fine texture great for cats and small dogs. Exotic meats available including affordable Bison and llama! Goat and rabbit now available.
Bulk boxes available!



Local Langley made complete meals in patty form. Using hormone free human grade meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, supplements and ground eggshell. Both dog and cat food bulk boxes available.


Red Dog Blue Kat

All their meats are either organic or non-medicated. Red Dog meals for dogs contain 75% meat mixture and 25% vegetables. Blue Kat meals for cats contain 98% meat mixture and 2% vegetables. The meat mixture contains approximately 30% organs – 20% heart for dietary taurine requirements and 10% liver for Vitamin A as well as wild salmon oil and free-range egg yolks.

NOTE: most red meat formulas contain NO BONE and must be supplemented or used in rotation.


Primal Raw Food

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Primal Pet Foods is a San Francisco, CA, based manufacturer of fully prepared, human-grade raw foods and treats for dogs and cats. Primal Pet Foods was founded with the goal of improving the quality of life and overall health and happiness of pets through wholesome raw foods that mimic the diet of animals in the wild. Produced with only the highest quality raw ingredients, all Primal products offer pets a superior form of highly digestible amino acids, vitamins and minerals, the building blocks of every animal’s biological function.