Bones & Treats

The Treats Your Dog Craves, All Natural and Healthy


Bones, especially knuckle bones are nature’s toothbrush. Proper tooth and gum health can prevent bad breath, periodontal disease, as well as more serious conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease, heart conditions and joint problems. We carry everything from boar ribs to llama legs, lamb necks to turkey necks.


We also carry only healthy, all-natural Treats, that your dog will love. We strive for Canadian made, all natural treats. Grain free, freeze dried and locally made made options available. No preservatives, no wheat, no soy, nothing but natural. Option like Orijen freeze dried treats in Wild Boar and duck as well as locally made Wild Bites in rabbit venison and ostrich.


We were one of the first in our area to have antlers. 3 ½ yrs ago almost no one had any and we found a great reindeer farmer who custom cut our antler selection. A great way to entertain you pet while ensuring their teeth stay clean! Almost no calories with some trace minerals and no smell, a perfect indoor chewing choice!