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Our Team of Alternative Health Practitioners provide Petswith What They Need, Naturally

Non Anaesthetic Teeth Cleaning

Performed by Wags K-9 Teeth Cleaning here in the store by appointment. Please see our Facebook page for the next available day or call the store. Prices range from $120-200 and includes scaling, polishing and gum conditioner.

Poor oral hygiene in dogs is more serious than most pet owners know. Roughly 70-80 percent of dogs develop periodontal disease by the time they are three years old. That’s a significant figure, especially, since poor oral hygiene is also linked to shorter life span. Gingivitis is actually a bacterial infection. When left untreated, the bacteria begin to move under the gum line, where they infect the teeth at their roots. This is periodontal disease, and it has numerous symptoms. These include bad breath, excessive drooling, yellow or brown tartar deposits on the teeth, angry red gums, and loose or missing teeth.

Untreated, infection can enter the blood stream where it can cause damage to the liver, heart, and kidneys. Please note that Wags K9 performs maintenance cleanings only. If your dog requires a more in depth cleaning or extractions, they will notify you that you will need to see your veterinarian for treatment. Reserve your spot now! 604-575-2614